This webpage gathers my academic activities. It is a personal webpage talking about some professionnal activities. Most of the sections are somewhat in French, but are mainly lists that do not require being translated in English to be understandable (mostly because things are either already in English or only relevant for a French audience).


I am the chief scientific officer at Quarkslab and a cryptologist.

Quarkslab is a research company specialized in cutting edge solutions to complex information security problems. We provide consulting services and security evaluations and security suites for software protection and security analysis orchestration.

Research interests

Obfuscation, Algorithmic number theory, Public key cryptography, Boolean functions, Symmetric cryptography, Information security, Cryptographic systems, Cryptography and law, Privacy.

Teaching topics

Cryptology, Programming, Algorithmics, Information system security, Operating systems, Coding theory, Information theory.

Employment history

Chief of Staff at Quarkslab.
Chief scientific officer at Quarkslab and cryptologist.
Associate professor at the university of Lorraine / LORIA.
Research engineer at ANSSI, the French National Agency for Information Security, in the cryptographic laboratory.
Assistant professor at the university Henri Poincaré-Nancy 1 / LORIA.
Temporary research and teaching attaché at the university of Marne-la-Vallée and post-doctoral researcher at CECOJI-CNRS.
Teaching assistant at the university of Cergy-Pontoise.
Doctoral researcher at INRIA-Rocquencourt / CODES team.